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Long Term Care Programs Long Island New York

Short Term Active Rehabilitation
The program was developed in response to a need in our community to provide high quality sub-acute level rehab services. Nursing Home provides 7 days a week rehabilitation services to those individuals, of any age, who need short term physical and/or occupational therapy before returning to the community. The scope and intensity of your program is tailored to your specific medical conditions and personal goals. Our interdisciplinary team develops a specialized plan just for you to ensure that you return home as quickly and safely as possible.

Long Term Care Program
Our long-term care program is for the individual who can no longer care for themselves at home or whose care needs are too great for loved ones to cope with at home. We understand the difficult issues surrounding placement decisions for your family member and are always available to provide support and guidance. We offer comprehensive nursing and custodial care geared to each individual's unique personality and wishes.

Wound Care Program
Nursing Home is proud of its reputation for excellent wound care. Our program includes careful assessment of all wounds, upon admission and during weekly wound care rounds under the direction of our medical director. Specialty beds and mattresses are part of a comprehensive medical, nursing and nutritional plan of care focused to promote healing and growth.

Hospice & Terminal Care
Nursing Home has contracted with various hospice organizations on long island to provide the highest quality of care to those individuals who wish care and comfort in their last days. As part of our history, we have always provided the best care with an eye towards providing maximum comfort and support during the terminal phase of all diseases. Our doors are open to family and friends at any time so that they may be a part of the process.

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